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June 21-23, 2019

Dear RC industry representative, Bittydesign® Company together with the collaboration of Ospy Team staff are pleased to officially announce the 2019 EURO Contest X, an event born in 2009 with a successful race format that saw the participation of drivers from all neighboring countries - known by all the participants who attended the past editions as "one of the funniest race i ever partecipated", aims to be back for a new edition as one of the largest independent off-road races in 2019, in Italy.

The EURO Contest X, 10th Anniversary 2009-2019, represents a unique marketing opportunity, the Live Streaming as well a full coverage on social channel for the whole 3 days of the race will give to your brand the best and highest exposure possible during all the duration of the Event. 

Sponsors are welcome, please take a moment of your time to send your Sponsorship enquiries at


June 21-23

EURO Contest X


Now on Air!


  • Best race I attend the last few years Germany Florian Hubrich Germany, 5/14/2014
  • Esagerato Italy Riccardo Perin Italy, 3/29/2016

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