Benvenuto sul sito ufficiale dell'EURO Contest!!
8-10 Giugno 2018


Dear RC industry representative, Bittydesign® Company together with the collaboration of BarcoOff staff are pleased to officially announce the 2016 EURO Contest, an event born in 2009 with a successful race format that saw the participation of riders from all neighboring countries - known by all drivers who attended the past editions as " one of the funniest race i ever partecipated", and aims to be back for a new edition as one of the largest independent off-road races in 2016, in Italy.

The EURO Contest 2016 represents a unique marketing opportunity, NeoBuggy will attend again the race, giving to your brand the best and highest exposure possible during all the duration of the Event. 


Sponsors are welcome, please take a moment of your time to send your Sponsorship enquiries at

8-10 Giugno

EURO Contest 2018

Barco (RE), Italy

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  • Bellissima manifestazione Italy Simone Ghidini Italy, 18/05/2015
  • Semplicemente fantastica ! ! Italy Luca Mambriani Italy, 19/05/2014

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