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June 8-10, 2018

EURO Contest Track walk - Italian & English

Davide Rabitti and Scott Walker talk us through the 2016 layout for the EURO Contest in Barco, Italy.

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Day 1 EURO Contest - Driver Catchup

NeoBuggy catch up briefly with some of the drivers at the EURO Contest including Kerstin Bessler, Davide Ongaro, Joseph Quagraine, Alex Zanchettin, Scott Walker & Co & Marco Baruffolo. English and Italian

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Pit Walkabout - 2016 EURO Contest

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June 8-10

EURO Contest 2018

Barco (RE), Italy

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  • The best Race of the World Switzerland Kriss Karl-Heinz Switzerland, 3/20/2016
  • .•*°*•.✰*°¨°º•. ☞ GRANDE FESTA ☜ .•*°*•.✰*°¨°º•. Kazakhstan Stefano Moretti Kazakhstan, 4/18/2015

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